Name 4 things to limit identity theft

The financial and emotional cost born by identity theft victims is significant. Imagine trying to regain control of your identity again and restoring your credit rating after a criminal has damaged your reputation.

Remember, stolen identities can be used for more serious crime

To limit your risk of identity theft while out and about here are four things to limit becoming a victim:


  1. Multiple credit cards or department store cards. Thieves often use them without having to show identification.
  2. Your passport
  3. Cheques. Although these are being phased out, thieves often sign them and cash them in.
  4. Password lists


  1. Carrying just one credit card or department store card for your shopping trip
  2. Carrying a photocopy or digital copy of your passport
  3. Trying on-line banking to pay bills rather than cheques
  4. Using an encrypted tool to store your password. Try SplashID or

Identity theft is on the rise, so take the time to limit your risks.



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